Orton Products
Vulcan Kilns is an authorized distributor of Orton products.  
As such, we can offer a discount off of Orton retail prices
to our customers.

Orton Controllers
All Vulcan Automatic kilns include an Orton Controller.  The
110 volt kilns come standard with the Orton AF-3
controller, while the 230V automatic kilns include the Orton
AutoFire 2000.

Orton MasterVent
Orton invented downdraft venting over 12 years ago and it
is the standard used to vent electric kilns. With downdraft
venting, gases are pulled out of the kiln near the bottom of
the kiln and then mixed with room air and exhausted to the
outside through a duct.
Orton's MasterVent Sales Brochure

Orton Cones
Pyrometric cones are slender pyramids made from about
100 carefully controlled compositions. Each cone number
is unique in measuring temperature within a small
temperature range (less than 30°C). Cones measure the
amount of heat absorbed. As the cone nears its maturing
range, it softens and the tip begins to bend, drawn down
by the influence of gravity.

Orton Manuals and Support
This link will connect you with The Orton Ceramic Support
page which will allow you to view or print manuals as well
as find links to frequency asked questions and technical

Please contact Jeffrey Williams for more information.  
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